Amanda Mouttaki

Amanda Mouttaki

I'm a freelance writer and blogger.

I am a world traveling mom of two boys. Currently we live as American expats in Marrakech, Morocco. I have a passion for writing and sharing unique views of the world.

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The Daily Meal

Morocco Immersion: Expat Amanda Mouttaki Dishes On Food, Culture And Going Beyond The Tourist Trail In Marrakech

Planning a trip to Marrakech, Morocco? Amanda Mouttaki of MarocMama and Marrakech Food Tours dishes on local life, where to savor truly traditional cuisine and how to have experiences you won’t find in your guidebook.

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The Daily Meal

Easy Holiday Entertaining Dessert Bar - MarocMama

After spending 3 weeks in the US, it’s safe to say I’ve gotten my fill of “holiday stuff.” Everywhere I went there was Thanksgiving decorations/food/music at every turn and then ......

Planning an eid party article
The Daily Meal

Tips For Planning an Eid al Adha Party - MarocMama

Eid is just around the corner! I am busy working on a guest post for My Halal Kitchen about what Eid preparations are like in Morocco.  The sheep have just ......

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The Daily Meal

9 Foods Americans Miss Most When Traveling and Living Abroad

For culinary travelers, each voyage is an Amazing Epicurean Race, an attempt to devour as many regional dishes as possible before returning home. We usually don’t stay long enough (the average American takes 16 days off work each year, and only part of that is real vacation) to long for...