Amanda Mouttaki

Amanda Mouttaki

I'm a freelance writer and blogger.

I am a world traveling mom of two boys. Currently we live as American expats in Marrakech, Morocco. I have a passion for writing and sharing unique views of the world.

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10 Tips for Women Visiting Morocco

10 Tips for Women Visiting Morocco

Eating in Morocco with Food Allergies

One of the most frequent questions I get in my inbox relates to food allergies and visiting Morocco. This is something we were very worried about before our move. Our youngest son has an allergy to cucumbers and MarocBaba was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago. If you’re......

Sicilian Citrus Shark Filets for the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Have you heard of the Feast of the Seven Fishes? In Southern Italian and Italian American homes on Christmas Eve a meal of seven fish (and seafood) dishes is served. Roman Catholics used to (and some still do) on specific days of the week and holy days. Christmas Eve is one......

The Day I Ate Snails in Marrakech

  I love to eat, but the things I like to eat venture on the more “tame” side. I’ve been challenging my tastebuds and my comfort zone a lot this year. There was partridge pate in Spain, smoked reindeer in Finland, and even sheep head here in Morocco. All of......

Vegetarian Moroccan Meal Ideas

I’m eating less and less meat these days. I’m not sure if it’s just a loss of appetite for it or that I’m simply enjoying other things. It feels like summer hasn’t left Morocco, temperatures are still high and we’re enjoying lots of fresh produce better take advantage of it......

What to Pack When Visiting Morocco: Women

There are a series of questions that I tend to get regularly.  I’ve realized it makes great sense to write a post about them and provide inquiring minds with an answer. A frequent question is “I’m visiting Morocco soon, what can I wear or what should I pack?” It can......

Kids can play in marrakech article

Where Kids Can Play in Marrakech

One of the single greatest resources when we moved to Marrakech was online Facebook groups. There are probably half a dozen if not more for Expats in Marrakech, Expats in Morocco, English Speakers in Morocco and so on (you get the point!) Some are more active than others but whenever......

London advice for the first time traveler article

MarocMama - A Fearless Guide to Food and Travel

A Fearless Guide to Food and Travel...

Useful expressions and introductions article

Introductions and Useful Expressions in Moroccan Arabic (Darija) - MarocMama

I’ve had a lot of people ask over the years for resources to learn Arabic, and specifically Moroccan Arabic. There’s not a lot out there and honestly the best way I’ve learned has been to live here. I know that’s not a reality for everyone. You can check out my...

Food tour header article

The BEST Food Tours in the World

Food tours are a great way to experience a new place. Find some of the best around the world....

Thanksgiving abroad article

Celebrating Thanksgiving as an Expat - MarocMama

  Last week was American Thanksgiving, and the first holiday we celebrated out of the US. I spent most of the day making all of the staples, roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and apple pies. The boys didn’t really realize it was Thanksgiving, because...

Header mm mb article

MarocMama meets MarocBaba

Ever wonder how I ended up becoming a MarocMama? Here's the story behind my meeting and marrying MarocBaba....

Map morocco article

Show Me Your Neighborhood: Marrakech, Morocco - MarocMama

I’ve always been fascinated by what cities look like around the world. So, when Annabelle of The Piri Piri Lexicon shared her vision for a world neighborhood bloghop I was super happy to share ours. There are so many really cool places and I’ve added the links to the bottom....

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15 Recipe Ideas for Day Old Bread

When you have day old bread to use up, try one of these 15 recipes to give it a new life....

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Life in Marrakech: Month 19

We've nearly reached 2 years in Morocco and time has flown. This year however, things are different....